Rittal – Great Place To Work!

Rittal – Great Place To Work! Last week we were awarded 36 out of 50 of Canada’s Best Workplaces: Top 50 medium companies with < 1000 employees in Canada.


The MEET (Mechanical Electrical Electronic Technology) Show

The MEET (Mechanical Electrical Electronic Technology) Show is set to open in Moncton, May 7- 8, 2014.  This biennial event attracts exhibitors from all over Canada and the US, displaying the very latest equipment available to the mechanical and electrical industries. This show gives industry professionals the unique opportunity to see mechanical and electrical companies from across North America under one roof.

MEET is the second largest event for this industry in Canada and THE largest trade event east of Montreal.  The economic impact for Moncton is significant given that the majority of exhibitors come from outside the local area.  The last edition of MEET in 2012 welcomed over 5,000 industry professionals and we expect even more for 2014.

From a show that utilized only a portion of the Moncton Coliseum and now, the 21st edition, has over 400 booths and encompasses the entire complex.

In addition to the wide-ranging exhibits, the MEET show is pleased to present the exciting Skills Canada NB Competition. This will showcase the plumbing, electrical installations and refrigeration & air conditioning portions of the Skills Canada NB Competitions. Visit www.skillscanada.nb.ca for all the details!

Come visit Rittal Systems at booth #1210 for all your enclosure and IT infrastructure needs. 




Rittal Systems
This offer is not valid after April 25, 2014. Registration is $20.00 at the door.



New Rittal Global Hand Book 34

The New Rittal Global Hand Book 34 is now available, however Canada will only offer it in the digital format and should only be used as a reference source. 

The North American version of the Hand Book 34 will be available mid 2014. It’s format will follow exactly like the global’s and will include the North American products such as WM, JB, TSFM, etc.

Compared to previous hand books, this new catalogue has shrunk down to just over 700 pages of details on the enclosures, enclosure systems, climate control, power distribution and IT Infrastructure across Industry and IT applications, as well as, a source of advice and support for customers.


Rittal Announces a New Distribution Facility in Haiger, Germany

Rittal is currently expanding its central warehouse facility in Haiger, Germany. To give you some sort of idea of the magnitude of this project, 500 trucks delivered over 5,000 cubic meters of concrete for the foundation and another 2,000 tons of steele were used for the load-bearing walls of the new central warehouse. 

“It’s huge, I’m excited about the commitment from Rittal at the Haiger location and that its business is anchored again in the urban core,” said the Mayor of Haiger, Dr. Gerhard Zoubek, when he visited with the Municipality representatives at the construction site.

“With our new central warehouse, we have one main goal: We want to be even faster,” said Friedhelm Loh , owner and CEO of Rittal. 

“This new warehouse facility will be equipped with the latest technology that will be on the market, so that we may deliver our products faster and quicker to our customers,” explained Mr. Stannek, Rittal Managing Director for Purchasing, Procurement and Logistics to the visitors from the community. 

This project represents a 40 million euro investment that will include an expansion of the existing warehouse and will fully automate the large and small-parts portions of it. Upon completion, the new central warehouse will contain a total of five hall complexes, 40 loading docks, a total capacity of 25,000 pallet locations and another 25,000 tote locations in small parts storage. 

It will also have a high-bay structure, which will be erected in the upcoming weeks. It will accommodate more than 50,000 small enclosures and cooling units and accessories when completed in mid 2014. 

Along with the location in Rittershausen, over 20,000 wholesale cabinets will be mounted and the total number of pallet spaces will grow towards 41,000.


Stainless Steel Enclosure Cooling Units

Stainless Steel Enclosure Cooling Units

Stainless steel enclosure cooling units from Rittal.  Rittal’s broad range of enclosure cooling solutions have long been providing protection from heat and humidity on the plant floor.  The standard Blue e units offer best in class energy efficiency and provide optimal protection for the sensitive electronics inside enclosures. 

Stainless Steel Enclosure Cooling Unit

But what happens when the external environment is particularly dirty and wet or when there are specific hygienic reasons why a painted steel Nema 12 rated cooling unit won’t do?  That is when you require stainless steel enclosure cooling units.  Rittal offers 2 solutions; a stainless steel version of the standard Blue e cooling unit.  This unit maintains Nema 12 protection ratings of the enclosure as well as offers protection in dirty environments of where hygienic concerns are paramount.  Taking this protection a step further are Rittal’s Nema 4X cooling units which feature a special stainless steel hood to withstand hosedown cleaning and chemical washes.  


These wallmounted stainless steel enclosure cooling units feature 304 stainless steel covers.  The nominal cooling output covers the range from 300-4400 Watts and rated operating voltages of 115V, 230V and 400/460V AC.

Cooling units keep the air inside an enclosure below a maximum permissible temperature, which may be even lower than that of the air surrounding it. The ambient air is used to cool refrigerant, which removes the heat from the air inside the enclosure, at a high temperature and pressure. However, due to separate internal and external air circuits, these units satisfy an ingress protection category of Nema 12 or 4X and the air inside the enclosure is simply recirculated preventing the ingress of dust or other contaminants into the enclosure.

To lessen their impact on the environment and reduce operating costs Rittal’s TopTherm Generation Blue e cooling units incorporate energy efficient EC fans, revised components in the refrigerant circuit and an energy saving control strategy. The Eco-mode software, which restricts the use of the internal fan, can have a significant impact on energy consumption, particularly in periods when no cooling is required.

Stainless steel enclosure cooling units are well suited for equipment destined for the food and beverage and offshore industries, or any other washdown or dirty demanding environment.

More Info click here

NEMA 4X click here


Universal Light is a Universally Bright Solution from Rittal

Universal light is a universally bright solution from Rittal.  The newly redesigned Universal Light offers a made for North America version with both UL recognition and CSA certification.  This 18 watt compact fluorescent tube offers as much light output as previous tubes at 26 watts of output.  Giving you more light at less cost. The fluorescent tube is protected by a clear plastic lens keeping the tube safe from inadvertent bumps or impacts.

Universal Light 4155510

The integrated motion sensor ensures that the light turns on when you need it and automatically turns off once you have finished your work and closed the enclosure door. The Universal Light also has a manual switch allowing the user to override the motion sensor to keep the light always on or always off.

The supply of the Universal light includes the mounting clips for super easy integration into Rittal’s TS8 modular enclosures or their SE8 non-modular freestanding enclosures. Mounting brackets sold as accessories allow you to install the Universal Light into any Rittal wall mount enclosure. 

For more information on the Universal light please click 4155510



Come visit Rittal at booth 101 in Sherbrooke, Quebec!

This major Quebec Industrial Trade Show will take place from October 25 to 26 in Sherbrooke, Quebec at the Salon industrie de l’estrie located in Centre de Foires de Sherbrooke.

We are excited to be displaying our next level of industrial products at this treasured event. Some of Rittal’s innovations include the Rittal Flex-Block base/plinth system, new fans and filter system, the tool free assembly on TS8’s, and many others also found on our website, www.ritttal.ca.

Drop by our booth #101 or call us and speak to a sales rep (Quebec Toll-Tree no. 888-437-1732)

The registration is free before September 13. Take advantage of this complimentary ticket; afterwards expect to pay $20 to attend. Click here for your complimentary ticket! 


See you soon!


Rittal’s at iTech 2013

Counting down to the iTech2013 IT Infrastructure Conference, we at Rittal are working hard to make your experience at this year’s conference informative and successful!

Canada’s largest IT infrastructure conference and exhibition series – the iTech2013 Conference – is coming to Edmonton on October 8th to the Edmonton Northlands and to Vancouver on October 10th at the Vancouver Convention Centre. Bringing together premiere vendors, exhibitors, speakers, and specialists for a day of learning, networking, and experimentation, this year’s conference promises to be the best one yet. 

Come visit Rittal at booth 308  (Edmonton) and at booth 10 (Vancouver), Rittal reps will be available to answer questions on all our IT Infrastructure systems:

  • Network distribution enclosures
  • Server enclosures
  • Power distribution
  • IT liquid cooling
  • System accessories for monitoring
  • Security solutions

Register prior to September 20 to receive your free pass (After September 20 the cost is $50):

Edmonton’s link: http://www.itechconference.ca/edmonton/register.html

Vancouver’s link: http://www.itechconference.ca/vancouver/register.html


New Web Site unveiled by Rittal Systems Ltd

Rittal Systems Ltd – Unveils Brand New Web Site

www.Rittal.ca has a fresh, functional and fabulous new web site.  Whether you need to find a local distribution partner for Rittal or download a CAD drawing this completely rebuilt website makes it easy.  With simple navigation the site is loaded with rich content ranging from product specifications to assembly videos.  More than ever customers want to be able to find the information they need quickly and easily and they want to do it at their convenience.  With that in mind the new Rittal.ca offers access to CAD drawings, 3D models, instructional videos, product specifications, product literature, selection guides, press and event information, software downloads and much more.  If you haven’t been to www.Rittal.ca lately please stop by and take a look.


New Web Site


Rittal Busbar Cover Sections for Touch Safe Systems

Rittal busbar cover sections for Touch Safe Systems

Busbar cover system

Rittal busbar cover sections are critical to the protection of the people working in and around control panels.  Safety is a major priority for the electrical engineer when looking at the design or maintenance of power distribution panels. Whether it be motor control panels, drive applications or any power distribution application.  Exposed busbars are a hazard to personnel and require insulating or protecting from inadvertent or accidental contact.

Rittal’s busbar solutions offer complete cover sections for flat copper busbar.  The four sizes, offer full contact hazard protection for busbars ranging in size from 12 x 5 to 60 x 10 mm.   The Rittal busbar cover sections are made from thermally modified hard PVC with protection corresponding to UL 94-V0. 

Busbar cover system

Rittal busbar cover sections are also available for Rittal’s PLS busbar system.  The shaped profiles of the PLS system provides for greater space utilization on the busbar system and also has a smaller footprint at applications over 800A.  The PLS covers differ slightly in their application in that they insert into a base tray and cover all 3 phases of the system.